Dylan Torres

audio engineer | producer | multi-instrumentalist

Based in Los Angeles, CA.

Exhibiting years of live and studio work experience predominantly in the greater Chicago, Los Angeles, Phoenix, and Nashville areas, Dylan has performed and recorded professionally since age 10.

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“I’ve worked with Dylan on several projects which benefit from his value as an engineer/producer and as a skilled multi-instrumentalist at home in a wide variety of music styles. Having experience on both sides of the glass makes Dylan the perfect candidate for recording and video projects requiring the familiarity with the most up-to-date recording innovations and the emotional awareness of what makes any number of music genres authentic. In addition to his many areas of expertise, Dylan’s quick mind and easy-going manner guarantee a productive and enjoyable session.”

“Dylan you are the musician who can play your way into any band. An unquenchable thirst to be better and better with the best equipment. Hey wait a minute, maybe you should join my band Dylan!”

“He is versatile, and mature beyond his years, quite capable of taking the lead (on multiple instruments), and just as willing/capable of tasteful backing. He’s been a pleasure to work with, both on a professional and personal level.”

“I highly recommend Dylan for his professionalism and talent as both a multi instrumentalist and sound engineer.”

Brian Robson

Late musician/producer

‘Reggie: I did meet a kid, actually he’s from Chicago, Dylan Torres at the Baked Potato. He’s 23 and totally gets it, and he’s a great kid. He blew me away with his musical knowledge.

CJ: “Ya, I know him. I love that guy. He’s been keeping in touch with me.”

Reggie: He knows it because it’s from his heart, his head and his soul. Not from an iPhone.

CJ: “It’s because you have to know it. That’s why I learned it. That’s why ALL of us learned it.”’