B Sides – #01 Introduction


What is a B-side? 


As I was riding in the car with a close friend in Hollywood listening to music a couple weeks ago, I had my phone connected via Bluetooth like usual and we were listening to some of my playlists. Sooner or later I always get tired of hearing the same exact “radio number 1s” all of the time and tend to dig to uncover deep album cuts or not so well known songs and make playlists from those tracks. Everyone knows the way we listen to music has changed by format over the years, but seldom do people let full albums play anymore. So I plan on bringing you to the graveyard of forgotten songs and songs that just don’t get the attention they deserve, my “B-Side” choices so to speak, every week in a new blog right here. Enjoy!

1 . Out Of Time – The Rolling Stones

Of course being a big Stones fan I had to begin with one of my favorite lesser known songs by the Rolling Stones. From 1966! It includes a couple catchy hooks that get stuck in my head from time to time.

2 . Red Neck Friend – Jackson Browne

This song features the late Glenn Frey on vocal harmony and Sir Elton John on piano as well as some of Jackson’s usual staple session musicians such as David Lindley on slide guitar. It is one song I was introduced to well after Browne’s more well known hits.

3 . Go For Soda – Kim Mitchell

This Canadian rocker opens up with a thrilling upbeat classic “out-of-phase” Stratocaster sound, then rolling in with powerhouse drums and hard rock guitar with a driving bass, this song I enjoy cranked up with the windows down.

4 . Sleeping With The Television On – Billy Joel

Growing up with my parents records we had “Glass Houses” in the house readily available. This song has always been a favorite of mine hiding just in the shadows of “You May Be Right” and “It’s Still Rock and Roll To Me” on that same album.

5 . Children Of The Sun – Billy Thorpe

If I had to pick the best song in my opinion to listen to with headphones and hear the true effects of stereo panning it would be this one. Drums, synthesizers flying past your ears left to right in a way I have never heard. It features one of my favorite bassists Leland Sklar (link below to Lee’s story behind the song)


6 . Looking For The Magic – Dwight Twilley Band

This song plays perfectly between the momentum of the tempo and dynamics! Very smooth production and arrangement. Tom Petty is also playing the guitar and singing backing vocals on this track which is cool. He was a friend of Dwight Twilley and Phil Seymour and you can hear also their backing vocals on Petty’s Breakdown and American Girl.

7 . Bad Penny – Rory Gallagher

I stumbled upon this song recently and was hooked to the harmonizing guitar parts immediately. I love the rawness of this track. It turns out an instrument used on the song was lended from Pete Townshend of The Who, a rare Coral electric sitar.

8 . Walk On By – Average White Band

Originally recorded by Dionne Warwick, this song is a classic Burt Bacharach and Hal David tune. I enjoy this 1979 version the most because of the spin the Average White Band puts on it. Pure feel and groove in a package with a disco/funk touch, smokey falsetto, and soulful harmonies, so funky!

9 . Could This Be Magic? – Van Halen

Don’t like Van Halen? Wait before you speak too soon… I bet this song will change your mind. It’s not your typical Van Halen, it’s all bluesy and acoustic with a swing to it!!! It has that sitting around the campfire feel. When I first heard this, I was shocked over how good it was and that it actually was Van Halen!!

10 . There She Goes Again – Marshall Crenshaw

This song is coming straight from the guy that played Buddy Holly in the movie La Bamba. Marshall Crenshaw, a musical master from Detroit. It’s a car full of nice forward moving songwriting structure, shuffled syncopated guitars and a solid simple bass and drum groove steering the wheel in this catchy tune.

That wraps up this weeks selections of B Sides, stay tuned next week. Suggestions and submissions are encouraged but not guaranteed to post. Feedback is greatly apprectiated. All may be directed to: dtorres35793@gmail.com

Thanks for checking things out!

Dylan Torres