Josh Puvogel, a Phoenix, AZ based singer-songwriter will release his debut album ‘Sea Of People’ on January 28, 2021. Included in the album is single ‘Gimme Shelter’ a new blues waltz rendition of The Rolling Stones‘ rock classic, available now. Produced and engineered by Dylan Torres, features “new material and some written by the artist over the past 10+ years.”

Highlights include tracks ‘No One,’ ‘Road To Prescott,’ and title track ‘Sea Of People.’ Josh met Dylan Torres at a house party before shutdowns were in place in Arizona. They jammed a few songs and were acquainted discovering both growing up only several miles from each other in Illinois. A week later Josh played some songs he wrote and was asked by Dylan if he had ever recorded them. The two decided to team up to make this album. ‘Sea Of People’ was recorded while quarantined in a run-down, shabby apartment in Mesa, AZ during the Covid-19 pandemic with some local musician friends.

Engineer and instructor Nancy Scharlau-Murman says of the album, “Josh’s songs and lyrics are truly heartfelt and memorable. Strong arrangements with lots of tasty chord changes and melodic licks weaving in and out give each song it’s unique character.”

‘Gimme Shelter’ is available now on all digital platforms.

‘Sea Of People’ to be released Jan 28 on all digital platforms.

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Track Listing:

  1. Double-Edge Swords
  2. Already Gone
  3. Used To Be A Real Good Thing
  4. Road To Prescott
  5. I’m Killing Me
  6. Ride With Me
  7. No One
  8. Gimme Shelter
  9. Sea Of People
  10. Here’s To Hope You’re Feeling Better


Joshua Puvogel – Vocals (1-10), Acoustic Guitar (2, 6-8, 10), Electric Guitar (1, 3-5), Piano (9-10), Electric Piano (5)

Dylan Torres – Background Vocals (2, 4, 7-9), Acoustic Guitar (6-8), Electric Guitar (3, 8-9), Bass (2-3, 6-8, 10), Harmonica (2, 8), Piano (3, 7), Electric Piano (8), Organ (1, 4), Banjo (4), Mandolin (7), Drums (1, 6), Percussion (2-9), Kazoo (6), Lap Steel (6), Synthesizer (5, 9), Programming (9), Sound Design (9)

Brian Noonan – Electric Guitar (1, 3-4, 7-8)

Steve Faulkner – Bass (1, 4-5)

Alan Floyd – Drums (2-5, 7-9), Programming (2, 5, 9)

Zachary Hall – 12 String Acoustic Guitar (4, 7)

Jared Bonee – Flute (10)

Cade Kitzmiller – Ukulele (6)

Gianni Del Franco – Background Vocals (9)

Dylan Torres – Producer, Engineer

Ponie McDougall – Pro Tools Engineering

Alan Floyd – Engineering Assistance

Katherine Buzzard – Album Artwork