GA-75 Recording Model Kemper Profile

This profile is a vintage 1967 Gibson GA-75 Recording Model guitar amplifier. 2×10″ original speakers. Tubes: 6 (Pre (2x6EU7, 1x6CG7 (aka 6FQ7)), Pow (1x6L6 PAIR + 6C4)).

Dylan Torres’ premium Kemper Profiles are forged in a well acoustically treated and controlled professional studio environment. Using a combination of a Shure SM57 and a Palmer PDI-09 Specialized Direct Box. The process that we use to profile amps gives you the most accurate representation and perfect blend of the direct amp and the cabinet. Studio quality amp tone anywhere you go!

Dylan Torres Kemper Profiles are captured right at the sweet spots of each amp before break up, allowing to adjust the gain on your Kemper Profiler to achieve a complete spectrum of what the amp is capable. We do this without any added effects or EQ or processing. This harnesses the true soul of the amplifier, allowing you to add afterwards to your liking.

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